It was all a bit surreal...

I woke up the morning of Lachlan and Grace's wedding with a familiar excitement and nervousness in my belly. This wedding was a little extra special because I had seen this love story unfold from the beginning. I had the greatest privilege of knowing both the bride and groom before their own paths collided. The groom since he was in high school as a young sixteen year old, and the bride since for a few years ago. So to know that I was going to have the honour to capture their special day filled me with both emotions, excitement and nervousness, equally overwhelming.

One of the things I adore about Lachlan and Grace is their specific attention to detail. Every moment, decor piece, and individual involved with their special day was intentional. They carefully curated their entire day to reflect who they both were and what they loved.

Their family. Their friends. And their faith.

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The Inspiration

Their ceremony was inspired by their faith, with a traditional service at Tiffany's. A beautiful chapel in Maleny. Watching the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, fist bump and then hug the groom made it clear that the community surrounding Lachlan and Grace were already in celebration and support of these two finally coming together. The anticipation so tangible.

It was a breathtaking moment to witness the beautifully carved wooden doors open, and their in the sunshine was Grace, being guided by her Dad down the aisle. Instantly you can see the moment her eyes meet her groom's. And I think in this moment just about everyone else in the room faded away.

The ceremony was guided by prayer, worship and personal vows that made their community laugh and cry simultaneously. And their reception was inspired by a big community feast. As if they were just hosting their friends and family for dinner except everyone helps with setting up and packing down. Like one big, warm, loving family. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the union of these two.

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Hear from Grace and Lachlan

Wedding Details

Something we did was instead of standard table numbers, we did places that have shaped us. We picked a few places that mean alot of us and names our tables after those places instead. I think as people that are constantly grateful and thankful, we wanted to pay tribute to places that have shaped us into who we are today.

Any advice for those couples planning their wedding now?

Be present. There's no rush to think about what the next thing is on the big day, just cherish each moment as they arrive and pass. Also have your "core team". The people that will back you in your decisions, the people you trust, the people who would put you in a getaway car if needed with no questions asked. Just good, supportive and solid friends who have got your back throughout the whole process.

Your Experience with Phelix Media

The thing we liked most about Shakina was that she made everyone she was photographing feel comfortable. Shakina didn't know Grace's parents well, but they both commented on how comfortable they felt around her. She also has this insane ability to seem to not have a camera, and sneak around and capture the best moments without you even noticing. And having her has a friend with everyone on our bridal party was such a privilege. It's not everyone's experience, but it was so special to have a friend capture the day for us. She let us have fun with taking photos and there was no pressure to behave a certain way because we all knew each other so well.

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