The Fays

"Initially I didn't think I would want someone at my birth photographing as I thought it would make me feel uncomfortable but Phelix Media had a totally non-invasive presence the entire time. I often didn't even notice her taking photos. I cherish my album so much, even the ones I thought I'd be embarrassed of. Looking through the album helped me to recount my whole labour and brought back beautiful memories of moments I forgot. I'm so proud of the photos and thankful for how she captured each moment."


What if I don't want certain moments on camera?

Before the birth of your baby, we talk about the sort of photos you want and what you don't want. We chat through it in detail, that way I'm only capturing what you will cherish.

How involved are you?

As a photographer, I see myself as a fly on the wall. My years of experience in the medical world, and as a Mum, have given me a lot of insight and knowledge into birth, and all the elements involved. My aim is to be calm, peaceful, joyful and non-invasive.