you did it


you did it

Let's celebrate!

What a huge milestone. After a long and hard journey, you made it! You got the dream!


As a way of celebrating the season, ZM Financial would love to gift you with some special photos of you and your family taken in front of your new home. As a way to time stamp this moment and cherish it for generations to come.

To book a time that works for you, please fill in the form below.

What to expect:


At your house! After all, that is the milestone we are celebrating!


The session will only be about 20 minutes long.I will do my absolute best to help you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera!


The best time to host a session will be before sunset, sometime in the afternoon This is when the light will be at its softest and most flattering. .

Meet Shakina!


I am so glad you are here!
I am the face behind the camera at Phelix Media. I am based in Brisbane, but love to travel and I love an adventure.

My passion is people. From the magical love stories, to the precious new seasons of life with little ones, to the passionate why behind your business.

I don't just want to partner with you for a moment, I want to celebrate the whole narrative. Let's make memories!